Poll: Americans Aghast Over Drug costs but Aren't Holding Their Breath for a Fix

A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that 72% of Americans believe the drug industry has too much influence in Washington. Eighty percent of people said they think drug prices are too high, and both Democrats (65%) and Republicans (74%) agreed the industry has too much sway over lawmakers. Poll respondents also indicated little trust in the Trump administration to lower prescription drug prices. Fifty-two percent said lowering drug costs should be the top priority for President Donald Trump and Congress, but only 39% said they were confident that a solution would be delivered. "There's more action happening on the state level; what we are finding is they're not seeing the same action on the federal level," said Ashley Kirzinger, a senior survey analyst for KFF's public opinion and survey research team. "They're holding the president accountable as well as leaders of their own party." Overall, at least 75% of people do not think Democrats and Republicans in Congress, as well as the Trump administration, are doing enough to bring costs down.

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