Minnesota health care providers to receive reports on their opioid prescribing practices

In the coming weeks, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) will send individualized reports on opioid prescriptions to more than 16,000 health providers who serve Medicaid and MinnesotaCare recipients. The reports—the result of collaboration between Minnesota DHS and the state's Opioid Prescribing Work Group—will give providers feedback on how often they write opioid prescriptions, excluding those prescribed for cancer pain, palliative care and opioid use disorders. The reports will also detail how many of those prescriptions exceed the recommended dose and how many of a provider's patients have become chronic opioid users. According to DHS, around 25% of the health care providers who wrote at least 10 opioid prescriptions last year were above the recommended threshold for at least one of these measures. Around the state, opioid prescribing rates varied widely, ranging from 27.4 prescriptions per 100 residents to 98.6 prescriptions. DHS will follow up with another set of reports next year and monitor for quality improvement.

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