Medication Errors Can Be Prevented

Studies that reviewed prescription medications taken by senior citizens found many reasons for concern. Some of these concerns relate to inappropriate drug choices by prescribers, excessive dosages, non-compliance with prescribed doses and possible interactions. Such incidents signal the need for better communication between doctors, pharmacists, and the person taking such medications. Research has shown that about half of all medicines taken for chronic health problems such as diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure are not taken as prescribed. Obviously, some things should be done to improve the situation.

One of the best ways to prevent medication errors is to make a list of all drugs commonly used, including over-the-counter products and nutritional supplements. Periodically discuss the list with your pharmacist and bring it to each doctor’s visit. A copy of this list should be kept at home and posted so emergency workers can easily find it. Make sure to share your entire medication list with all your doctors, pharmacists, and other health care providers.