Medicare Part D/American Pharmacist Month

October 2005 is not only the second anniversary of American Pharmacists Month; October also marks the beginning of a large campaign to enroll Medicare beneficiaries in the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. On October 1st, Medicare prescription drug benefit plan sponsors will begin marketing their plans to Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare beneficiaries will have several plans to choose from and will need help understanding the new benefit and selecting the plan that best meets their needs. Many of these beneficiaries will turn to their trusted health care professional – their pharmacist, for assistance.

To assist you in answering questions about the drug benefit, Trumm Drug has a number of resources. Many resources are available on the Trumm Drug website: Links and phone numbers to medicare, Social Security and other helpful websites are designed to help gain a better understanding of the new drug benefit. Some points to consider when choosing a plan are:

The amount of the monthly premium

Whether the plan formulary includes particular drugs, strengths and dosages you need and how many days supply is allowed (30,60,90)

Will mail order be mandatory to receive more than a month’s supply or will your local pharmacy be allowed to provide the same supply at the same price?

Does plan require step therapy (Requirement that certain medications be tried before others will be covered) or tiered cost sharing (Different co-pays for generics, brands or for specific drugs.)

Do you currently have a plan that already covers prescription drugs?

Although we are prohibited from recommending a particular plan over another, the staff at Trumm Drug will be glad to let you know what plans we accept and assist our customers as best we can in helping them make an informed decision.

American Pharmacist Month recognizes pharmacists for the valuable services they and their staff provide. We at Trumm Drug are proud to be your locally owned independent pharmacy you can trust.