Herbs & Supplements – Magnesium Supplements and Diabetes

People with diabetes can benefit from knowing which supplements and herbal products can impact their disease according to several recent studies. Taking a daily multi-vitamin did not prevent minor infections in non-diabetics. Some diabetics reported having significantly less head colds, the flu, or a stomach bug if a daily multi-vitamin was being taken daily. Diabetics in the study were more likely to be deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral at the start of the study, and most were also obese. Research has shown that taking a daily oral magnesium supplement improved the body's sensitivity to insulin and metabolic control in type II diabetics. Taking into account the low cost and safety of magnesium supplements, a daily dose could help prevent the chronic complications that sometimes affects people with diabetes. Lastly, studies in rats resistant to insulin are showing that green tea has some benefit in improving sugar and fat metabolism, enhancing insulin sensitivity, and protecting the balance between fat deposit and fat burning.