Effect of Missed Medications by the Elderly

An article recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that older age, gender, and memory loss are factors that can lead to missed medications. The study included over four thousand residents aged over sixty five, with poor health conditions such as a history of diabetes or heart attack. The results showed that after a period of three years a larger percent of people required assistance in taking the correct medication at the correct time of day. People over the age of eighty were up to three times more likely to require assistance in taking medications correctly. The study also found that men are up to two times more likely than women to need help with taking medications correctly.

Since many if not most diseases are entirely managed by taking medications properly and correctly, understanding why someone cannot or does not take medications properly is important to overall health.

People of all ages can benefit from a medication management program. Here are some things to consider…

Do you have difficulty or are you frustrated keeping track of your medications?

Are you concerned about a loved one that needs help managing medications?

This is where we can help you or a loved one, with Trumm Drug & Medicine On Time. We offer a convenient, simple way to keep track of daily medication so there is no guessing, “Did I take my medication during lunch?” or “Did I remember to pack my 3 medications for our trip?” No more keeping track of your medications every day!

We use a color-coded bubble pack system that is set up like a monthly calendar. The color indicates the time of day your medicine should be taken. Each bubble is labeled with your name, type of medication, date, and time your medicine should be taken. Each bubble holds up to 6 to 12 medications.

How do you get started with Medicine On Time?

Stop by or give us a call to set up an appointment with a pharmacist so we can get to know you and your individual needs! 320.763.3111