Drug Combination for Facial Acne in Women

According to the results of a study published recently in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a diuretic called spironolactone combined with Yasmin, an oral contraceptive, may offer a safe and effective alternative for adult women with moderate to severe facial acne. At the end of the study, women with severe acne who got the diuretic/oral contraceptive combination experienced the following; 74% had excellent improvement, 11% were entirely clear of facial acne, 7.4% had only mild improvement, and 7.4% experienced no change. Side effects from the combination were not severe enough to cause any women to stop the therapy.

It has been known for some time that excess hormones can either trigger or prevent acne. For example, women who experience episodes of acne during their menstrual cycle are sometimes prescribed oral contraceptives.It is thought that hormones in oral contraceptives slow down overactive oil glands in a woman's skin. In addition, since androgens are known to stimulate these oil glands, researchers look for drugs

like spironolactone that lower androgens in the skin.