Common Myths About the Flu Shot and Influenza

I am healthy, I do not need the flu shot.

False. Although you are healthy now, you can still get the flu no matter your age or health status. There are many people who are unable to get the flu vaccine due to health conditions, like cancer or organ transplants. By getting the flu shot yourself, you are protecting those who are too young or sick to get the flu shot from becoming ill. This is called Herd Immunity and is important for everyone in your community. By getting vaccinated you are preventing yourself and others from the complications of the flu virus.

Whenever I get the flu shot, I get sick.

Some people report getting the flu from receiving the flu shot. It is highly unlikely that any person would get the flu from the flu shot because the vaccine does not contain any live virus. If a person got ill directly after receiving the flu shot it could be because they were already exposed to the flu virus or have a different virus altogether.

I got my flu shot last year, I do not need another one this year.

False. Everybody greater than 6 months old should receive a flu shot every year. The flu virus changes from year to year making it unrecognizable to the immune system. Getting a flu shot every year ensures that your immune system is “up-to-date” to protect your body and others around you from the flu.

I am throwing up, I have the flu.

False. The Influenza Virus (flu) is a virus that grows in the lungs. People who have influenza experience fever, cough, and body aches; very rarely do patients have nausea or vomiting from the influenza virus itself. If your main symptom is nausea or vomiting it is more likely that you have a different virus.

If I am afraid of needles I can get the FluMist.

False. The FluMist is a great option for people who are afraid of needles; however, it has not been effective the last couple years in protecting against the influenza virus.

To get the flu shot I have to go in to my Doctor’s office.

False! Pharmacists are able to give you many different vaccinations, the flu shot being one of them. Call or stop and visit any Trumm Drug location for more information regarding flu shot programs. No appointments are necessary!