An Important Change for Nasal Steroids

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), used commonly as refrigerants, solvents, and foam blowing agents, cause depletion of the environment's ozone layer. As a part of the Clean Air Act, CFC’s and other ozone depleting substances are being phased out and replaced with non-ozone depleting agents. Intranasal steroids, such as Nasacort®, Beconase®, Rhinocort®, Flonase®, and Nasonex® are used to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis and to help prevent nasal polyps. Although these products each contain different medications, they do have something in common.

All of these products have historically contained CFC's as a propellant, which allows the medication to be administered through the nose. Additionally, all of these products are going through or have gone through formulation changes to eliminate the presence of CFC propellants. People may only notice a difference in the product label, but these products will now be more environmental friendly and will also be in compliance with the Clean Air Act. The main ingredients will not be changed. These products will undergo approval from the FDA to ensure that they are equivalent to the old CFC formulations. If you have questions, consult your pharmacist.