Abuse-Resistant Pain Medication Approved by FDA Panel

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Panel recently approved a long-acting painkiller with some abuse-resistant mechanisms. Vantrela Extended Release (ER) contains an opioid-based painkiller called hydrocodone to help with the management of pain. It was approved in a tablet that can be swallowed, a nasal spray, and an injectable version into the veins. Many painkillers are abused by those who have painkiller addictions, but this medication was formulated in a way to only help with pain and avoid the experience of a “high.”

Vantrela ER was evaluated for safety, efficacy, and tolerability in a twelve-week clinical trial in over three hundred people with lower back pain. Those who took Vantrela ER experienced less intense pain compared to people who took a sugar pill. The safety of this medication was consistent with the side effects seen with hydrocodone.