Trumm Drug celebrated 60 years of service to the Alexandria area in 2011.

In 1951, Archie and Clara Trumm came to Alexandria and purchased Lewis Drug Store from the George Lewis family. The store was originally located at the corner of 6th and Broadway in Alexandria.

Sons Bill and Jack Trumm had joined the family operation, and took over as owners in 1963 after Archie passed away.

With the success of the business came the need for expansion, so in 1969, Bill and Jack had the new Trumm Drug store built at its present location at 600 Fillmore, which was next door to the Alexandria Clinic.

The proximity to doctors, the convenience of easy access parking, and the larger store spurred continued growth in the business, and in 1979, Trumm Drug II was built and opened at 15th Avenue and Broadway, next to the Broadway Medical Center.

The third generation of Trumms to join the business started with Bill and Suzie’s sons, Mark in 1980, and Paul in 1981.


Jack and Jenny’s son, Greg, started work in 1989. That same year, Trumm Drug purchased Folsom Drug from Gary Folsom, and Trumm Drug Parkers Prairie was born.

In 1997, Trumm Drug II was relocated from Broadway to the new Alexandria Clinic as Trumm Drug Clinic Pharmacy.

Another Trumm operation, Trumms Home Medical Specialties, began as a medical equipment store specializing in wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, braces, canes and crutches, support stockings and other home medical needs. In 2000, Trumms Home Medical moved to 610 Fillmore, next door to Trumm Drug.

The Trumms expanded to Elbow Lake October 1, 2002, with the purchase of Johnson’s Pharmacy. That addition increased the Trumm family of pharmacies to four.

Trumm Drug Glenwood began operation on October 1, 2006, when Trumm Drug purchased Corner Drug Store from Dewey Essig. Our dedicated staff continues the tradition of quality, caring, family-owned service that Glewnwood area residents have always received.

The Trumm family thanks the entire community for the opportunity to serve residents for 50 years and has now paved the way for a new set of owners.


Aaron Finley and Allan Fettig continue the Trumm motto as the new set of owners.